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Here they are in-game. The blue colors are CC. These are for normal release not for the Nulgath area.

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1793 days ago

Here they are in-game. The blue colors are CC. These are for normal release not for the Nulgath area.


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Corbin75357 1721 days ago

the guys are to armored up

blingyone 1775 days ago

Got to agreee with SImply And Beta not good. Nulgath please do your juggernaut items everyone misses those. THis was a waste... i spended acs thinking it will go rare. dammit.

PoisonPoyoPoy 1780 days ago

Got it all! D:<

Dan_X_Doa 1790 days ago

Lol nice one nulgath.Can take a look at this =d http://twitpic.com/69yrtj ? =D

SimplyAwsum 1790 days ago

I got the dark one and i consider it a rip off of my 200 AC. These are worth nothing.

BetaBezerker 1792 days ago

Im shockingly disappointed at the armors...your earlier work was amazing it was simple and thats why i got all the void breeds, your jugg items were iffy but i got them all, The females at least has the frame of the void set, but the male looks like it wa

EsherazAE 1792 days ago


Schillehh 1792 days ago

Because hes nulgath now :P

EsherazAE 1792 days ago

Lolwut. U smudged ur "Miltonius" Name.

God_Of_Arcane 1793 days ago

I hope these are member and for gold.. I need an Arcane Warlord setup. And these fit the bill nicely.

Dnightlord 1793 days ago

Hi im Dnightlord, im new to AQW art and need some pointers in the right direction Plz comment or at least view my Art Nulgath/Milton, and anyone else with art experience at http://twitpic.com/photos/Dnightlord

B_M_3 1793 days ago

Awww...I've lost interest in the sword. :c I love it but I hate where it's held.

XDraks 1793 days ago

O_O! Holy! epic!

LorAbb1996 1793 days ago

im guessing its for j6 storyline ..since they are a litle alien-ich

xNightBringerx 1793 days ago

Sword is freaking sweet O_o

AQW_Bluex33 1793 days ago

put in next month's lqs pl0x

Helgigas 1793 days ago

wait,im betting this is gonna be acs/member? e.e
well,so much for excitement....

Helgigas 1793 days ago

what release? and how will we be able to the armours? any clues please? D:

orihime_51AE 1793 days ago

o_o *wipes drool off* too nice

AndreDFrancisco 1793 days ago

Nice!, whats the name?