Devon Bostick


I haven't shaved since April

It's the eye of the tiger. #guyliner #Ihopeyourehappy

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1801 days ago

It's the eye of the tiger. #guyliner #Ihopeyourehappy


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bellasamsol 1655 days ago

exploded diper!!!!! woohoo!!!!

takemyfeaver 1736 days ago

Guys that can wear eyeliner can do anything :L

AnneTHa26 1742 days ago

Oh my god.
I love your eyes with make up.

MarianFaVi 1758 days ago

nice pic

LilPuddingcup 1795 days ago

guyliner = <3

finalillo 1799 days ago

i would to draw in your face :D , so greatt !!!!

hrobertaa 1800 days ago

omg..*-* : D

MiniMintye 1800 days ago

You look better than most girls with eyeliner on haha. You'll charm any girl with your guyliner ;) xx

MosHxo 1800 days ago

♥...I Love you very much...♥

MosHxo 1800 days ago

OH My God is very beautiful♥ .. You are truly wonderful ♥...I Love you very much♥ my GOOD boy♥ HaHaHaHaH ♥ ♥ r

Rowie_Leigh 1801 days ago

Devon; You're awesome. You'll always look stunning no matter what's on you eyes. :)

NinaH34 1801 days ago

you can do what you want, i'm you'll always looks great

Sweetie__Sveta 1801 days ago

Rodrick rules :)

BengaliGirl97 1801 days ago

You look nice with eyeliner. You're the reason I wear eyeliner.

laysssaishere 1801 days ago

Look at me!Awww :> you reminds me of Rodrick.

Jess_Bautista 1801 days ago

Love your brown eyes :"> ♥

cumacek97 1801 days ago

You look nearly like a tiger. :] Really pretty! :] Eye of the tiger! .. ;]

Ambient_Skater 1801 days ago

your face looks so smooth =)

Kaila818 1801 days ago

You actually don't look bad with guyliner. You look cute! :]

Msmoij 1801 days ago

Super hot. Ur the only guy that can pull off guyliner!