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Well this is a fun before & after of @ESPN's Michael Vick article. #NFL

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1794 days ago

Well this is a fun before & after of 's Michael Vick article. #NFL


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realgwilson 1793 days ago

I'm reading the story, and they haven't changed the photo

JimmySpiceCurry 1793 days ago

If Michael Vick were white he'd not have the problems on every level. America is in denial !

tigralilly 1794 days ago

Some of you are so immersed in the "racist" factor, that you fail to actually READ the article and just look at the pictures. Intellectually, you need to grow up. Picture books are for small children. READ!!!!! I'm sure someone will help you with the

tonyasoum 1794 days ago

Read the story, not racist! Tacky photoshop job and title outrage cover up a great article.

sfoxzy 1794 days ago

The Devil is a Liar! The nerve! This is a racist mentality. Why do white people think that only they can be great!

EricRidgell 1794 days ago

If he was white would he have got it trouble about the dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaybee414 1794 days ago

Does ESPN's own Stephen A. Smith find that funny?