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John in Seville

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1370 days ago

John in Seville


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JMccaigue 1357 days ago

vodka tonics and slice of lemon

ren_dori 1366 days ago

are you wearing anything john?

Linwe_Taralom 1370 days ago

Move the glass away from your face and pull Scott in for a cute pic together. Yum! :D

Lesleyanne_x 1370 days ago

Would make everyone's day if there was a pic of both of u (barechested of course LOL)

whovian4ever 1370 days ago

nice glasses :P

WAPERSANDY 1370 days ago

Thank you very much for the photo.John I love you <3 !<3 <3

Tracyann45 1370 days ago

Looking good John, glad you are enjoying your break.xx

purplerift 1370 days ago

handsome pic glad ur having a great time :)

kuberater 1370 days ago

love you John.

mrsjbarrowman2b 1370 days ago

Aarrhh so handsome loves u jb.xx

suewho61 1370 days ago

You lookin HOT !!!! XX

welshwind 1370 days ago

As they say in Paris "A votre sante!" :-D!

ILOVEBARROWMAN 1370 days ago

We want one of you and Scott, we not seen any good ones of you. PRETTY PLEASE Luv you all XXX

jedikat71 1370 days ago

It's good to see you so relaxed! I'm glad you're all having such a wonderful holiday! xxxxxx

jbssecondwife 1370 days ago

double V n T ????

torchwood3hub 1370 days ago

What are You Drinking?

aresnz 1370 days ago

Ahhh..enjoying the good life. Vodka tonic...

Frizzstar 1370 days ago

Is that water or a vodka tonic lol xx

Haley_xx 1370 days ago

Vodka Tonic And Sunshine Bliss!! Looking Good Beautiful Man :) xx

gripper70 1370 days ago

Lovely pic cheers john x