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#Cartoon - The flags of #Libya - #Gaddafi #Obama #NATO

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1121 days ago

#Cartoon - The flags of #Libya - #Gaddafi #Obama #NATO


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omernuricam 1062 days ago

sanki böyle olacak...

EverybodyHatesR 1120 days ago

Exactly what I thought!

mostafasayed202 1121 days ago

nice pic :D:D:D

Djejebiba 1121 days ago

What a bunch of nonsense. Gadaffi was a madman. Who cares about oil if you don't have freedom.

My_Inner_Voice 1121 days ago

choose the correct answer

lllM7mDlll 1121 days ago

I hope this fact doesn't reflect on Gulf countries negatively, since Libya's one of the
oil-producing countries

maimousa87 1121 days ago

simply amazing...fact is ugly but still fact..

darbacaa 1121 days ago

nice one latuff

AhmedOmar 1121 days ago

تفاءل يا صديقى.. الشعب الليبى استرد سيادته على ارضه ودفع الثمن دماء كثيرة

EmanShelbaia 1121 days ago

ya mamaaa scary fact ....

Brock_Abdo 1121 days ago

اخشى ما أخشاه البترول الليبي البارحة، اليوم وغـــــداً.

MaysO_on 1121 days ago

Like Like Like LIke Like Like LIke .... un Limited Likes :)

FD_Hawary 1121 days ago

Realistic Cartoon :)

balsamgroh 1121 days ago

Cartoon crossing and realistic .. Thank you

ArchDalia2008 1121 days ago

I didn't like ur cartoons last period,but I find this a good one

Shimaa_Serag 1121 days ago

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic luv it
Greetings from Egypt

momo_hamza 1121 days ago

i like that>>.and thake for you

tahamabrouk 1121 days ago

niiiiiiiiiice one Go on
latuff lovers Page on Fb

Oozy089 1121 days ago

مبدع !! وهاتوحشنا يا ملك الكوميديا يا ملك ملوك أفريقيا وأمام المسلمين ,, أشوف ف الجحيم :)