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Scottie sleeping in the sun. He is snoring. Jb

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1372 days ago

Scottie sleeping in the sun. He is snoring. Jb


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behindblue_eyes 1347 days ago

looking @ u & Scott is much more fun than listening 2 my Fin. Acct. prof. I a bad girl! ;-)

Ardeliah 1367 days ago

Snoring or not I bet you would let him eat crackers in bed.

MrsRTBG 1369 days ago

Mmmm nice , He's grown a beard , :-D , XxXx .

MicheleBriere 1370 days ago

You cannot convince me that that body is over 45. Love the shadow.

Time_Hound 1371 days ago

Look! Another scruffy-looking Nerf herder! Gee that's three I know of...... ;) )

mum_of_two_kids 1371 days ago

u r so lucky to have each other his hot and you jb lol

ktswazbandit 1371 days ago

So cute!!

jedikat71 1371 days ago

So adorable! You are one lucky man, Jb! ;)

AbsolutBex 1371 days ago

SO freaking cute!

OhSkittledOne 1371 days ago

Woah Schmexy. Lucky lucky man JB

torchwood3hub 1372 days ago

Snore or no snore, Scott is so sweet and sexy, You are so Lucky John, & Is that the beginning of a beard and Mustache I see?

evo0308 1372 days ago

Beautiful. So sexy. Have you worn him out?

nix1199 1372 days ago

Scott gets sexier and sexier in each pic you send, John! Thx for sharing!!

Antonhowarth 1372 days ago

awwwwwww :P

welshwind 1372 days ago


TribbleSlayer_1 1372 days ago

so cute!!!

kuberater 1372 days ago

Unshaven. Mmmmmmm!

Tec1978 1372 days ago

aww arent they sweet wen they are sleeping and happy snoring :)

yetanotherpearl 1372 days ago


ElenaPuzena 1372 days ago

"and MERRY CHRISTMAS us!!!" so cute. xxx