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1126 days ago


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lanvinmarryme 1100 days ago

보아양 너무 아름다운거 아닙니까?ㅎㅎ

Johan_0224 1122 days ago

beauty~ :O

nanaironoashita 1122 days ago

pretty~ >_<

sheryl_23 1125 days ago

my Beat of pretty :))

lboa1207 1125 days ago

You are so beautiful~~~~

ceIestica 1125 days ago

Prettiest flower in world.. Love you, BoA unni. <3

lovingYH 1125 days ago

Boa~~~~ bijinnnnnnnnn~~~!!!!! jewel voice♡♡

lengoc863 1126 days ago

you look soooooo beautiful, sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KWONTOYONA 1126 days ago

BoA unnie is always pretty . U're so skinny now, please eat more

Mimoo89 1126 days ago

as always, u'r beautiful....

Bijela93 1126 days ago

you're sooooooo beautiful~♥

IGNIZKOF2002UM 1126 days ago

아름답습니다 여신님♥

pam0551 1126 days ago

I come to the concert meeting place now!(=∩_∩=)❤
a+nation Osaka ♬♪♫♩Fighting♬♪♫♩ (^∇^)ノ❤

marceloraf 1126 days ago

Beautiful!!! O_O

candyvora 1126 days ago

u don't need to put on make up eonnie :)

JasonBin_ 1126 days ago

Flawless, gorgeous and charisma. You don't need to put on make-up because you're beautiful already. XD

Cloud_Sea 1126 days ago

와~ 이뻐용^^ a+nation 현장에 있고 싶다... 보느님 보고 싶어요ㅜㅜ 화이팅!!

NamonD_1128 1126 days ago

charisma Boa >,<

XR_Oohlala 1126 days ago

♥BoA chan is so beautiful~~ Best luck for your concert today!! a-nation in Osaka!!♥

mildfishy 1126 days ago

O.O Wow