1. It must be your own version, copying from anybody else means direct disqualification.
2. ANYTHING is usable. From handdrawings to photoshop and flash. Don't want to make it flash only :P
3.Contest entries must be linked on THIS twitpicture. Mentions will not count only the links on this will count.
5. ANYONE CAN ENTER. Thats right, even if not following me you can enter this contest! So be sure to spread the word for a lot of fun between all sorts of artists! Remember it's not about winning it's about having fun!.
6. Adding details/redesigning/recreating is ALLOWED.
7. If your a Hand Drawing Artist, it is allowed to have someone flash it for you! but you have to give that person credit!
8. NO URL SHORTENING... I once had a virus cause I did go to a shortened URL and do not want that to happen again.

________Rules of Voting________
The Voting starts this friday at 4 PM my time (Which is like 5 PM AE Time), since im a BAAAD voter (seriously you do not want to know) you guys can vote!
1. You must vote for at least 2 People
2. There must be a legitimate reason to vote for that person. Reasons like "Hes my friend, I like him, etc." will not be accepted

For those who want the Flash File (its actionscript 3 and CS5.5 if you want a lower version of flash ask me sorry :<) the link is here: http://www.mediafire.com/?tk66liyaqq7ds05

The voting will end Saturday 4 PM my time (5 PM AE TIME). Remember this is for fun, no matter who wins. To me the winners are the people who enter.