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Scotts feet

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1636 days ago

Scotts feet


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witchy_007 1636 days ago

lol. CUTE! I fell asleep in almost the same position on a bus from NYC to Baltimore today!...hee

Purpledragon176 1636 days ago

No comment for Scott's feet?
Well, Scott, you have very awesome feet as well. ;)

torchwood3hub 1636 days ago

Never Fall a sleep with JB around, when hes fully armed with a camera!

Time_Hound 1636 days ago

Cute shot -- look at those tootsies. and the angelic face that goes with them.

CuteMsBunny 1636 days ago

really should never fall asleep around JB. Scott get back at him and take post his for us! =D

LilFerret 1636 days ago No, I'm not going to say it.

jedikat71 1636 days ago

Aww, I needed a good laugh after last night's #Torchwood! Thanks for sharing! xxxxxx

manfthy 1636 days ago

so glad he loves you and you love him. . . what a photo x x

purplerift 1636 days ago

to funny lol

kuberater 1636 days ago


Haley_xx 1636 days ago

I Just Want To Tickel His Feet!! Was He Looking For His Feet To Be Rubbed LOL!! Fab Photos xx

OhSkittledOne 1636 days ago

Does he normally sleep like this?

yetanotherpearl 1636 days ago

:) that is the world's weirdest picture, jb :D

rhydlover 1636 days ago

Scott is looking so gorgeous in the sun!!!! Love the pic John - awesome!!!

justbeinganosy1 1636 days ago

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy..............

AchillesHeelArt 1636 days ago

Okay, you guys are just KILLING me! Such teases. :)

Damien_M_Fan_ 1636 days ago

=D nice one lol x

Invergarick 1636 days ago

Mr Gorgeous.....

welshwind 1636 days ago

I second the "Awwww" for the picture. Thank you Scott for being such a good sport! :-D!

Ebeebee71 1636 days ago

BIG feet = BIG shoes...(Is that what they say LOL)