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1894 days ago



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Mattiembaker 1893 days ago

please dont hurt yourself !!!!!!

toshisback 1893 days ago

Flip flops..aurgh! Hope you take care to pick your feet up when around poolside. No more falls, please. RL Polo and cute toes...great combo.

Purpledragon176 1893 days ago

You took a picture of your feet. That just proves how incredibly awesome you are. :)

Time_Hound 1893 days ago

They might be fine for you but I can't stand them (or in them......;)) ) Look no swollen ankles

Gloriacorbi 1893 days ago

Do you want us to take pics of our feet and put them in twitter? We could make some exposition later. Funny.

jedikat71 1893 days ago

Nice feet! Just be careful in those flip-flops! xxxxxx

mum_of_two_kids 1894 days ago

whos flip flops r they lol

kuberater 1894 days ago

Much better than last night ep 7 covered in blood. You were magnificent in it. Loving your pics.

Haley_xx 1894 days ago

Remember What Your Mum Said About Flip Flops!! And Be Carefull!! Lovely Feet Though xx

hope2259 1894 days ago

Don't you know flp flops are evil? LOL!

OhSkittledOne 1894 days ago

You're photographing your feet again? Good to see you have all 10 toes I mean, not feet

torchwood3hub 1894 days ago

Fantastic Feet! Love the Flip flops!

Dominic_Mok 1894 days ago

Obviously these feet are JB's. A-MA-ZING~

teach2reachky 1894 days ago

Gorgeous feet, but to see them covered in blood was disconcerting!!! Plz don't do that again! 

Tweetypie73 1894 days ago

tell you haven't been listening to what your mother tells

sbedford2000 1894 days ago

So is there a link between the length of toes and orientation? The fourth ones look shorter. Very sexy.

Damien_M_Fan_ 1894 days ago

On no the flip flops are back xD ... xx

Invergarick 1894 days ago

Oh my what big feet you,ve got .L.O.L..

yetanotherpearl 1894 days ago

your toes look different, are they scott toes?

Celia56J 1894 days ago

Woaw ralph lauren flip flops ! I love it <3 lovely feet ^^