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TONIGHT'S BOOK QUESTION (see http://bit.ly/2b8FQ ): Write a caption for this photo.

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2067 days ago

TONIGHT'S BOOK QUESTION (see http://bit.ly/2b8FQ ): Write a caption for this photo.


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lindacirocco 2039 days ago

I'm too sexy for my shoes...

egoebelbecker 2050 days ago

I told you to not give him too much Fizzy-Lifting Drink! Now get the ultralight, Harold.

sweetangel_7 2057 days ago

*sings*I believe I can fly!!

keydrop1 2058 days ago

Gravity ! They said there would be gravity !

mytomcat 2059 days ago

Your child will achieve new highs at the Aquaman Training School Enroll Today!

noshadowfist 2064 days ago

My God...It's full of stars.

Krystyn777 2065 days ago

Somewhere in the back of my mind I always pictured childbirth to look like this - without the space suit, of course!

jazcan 2066 days ago

This is a caption from my son: This is what happens when you mix coke (the drink) and mentos.

Doit2it 2066 days ago

Criss Angel, the early years

taurustennis 2066 days ago

Baby NOT on board!

morgankidd 2066 days ago

Good-Bye and thanks for all the fish!

sashisms 2066 days ago

"So I says to him I'm resting. I know I'm resting, I'm resting"

Doit2it 2066 days ago

1st successful sub launch of an ICBM (Inter-Continental Baby Missile)

diggary 2066 days ago

New hydrogen powered baby emits only clean drinking water.

rkarolius 2067 days ago

Proud mother Susan Storm Richards with her son Franklin.

taylorsherrill 2067 days ago

Hmmmmmm. Fizzies!

Fallen_Woman 2067 days ago

Not all SeaWorld babies come with dorsal fins.

lalorek 2067 days ago

Zero gravity is for babies!

mdsosa 2067 days ago

North Korea Announces Launch of First Space Vehicle

gmkostrivas 2067 days ago

Jack Jack Parr lives!