Grant Imahara


Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

.@karibyron rocking the fire suit #fromset #Mythbusters

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1373 days ago

. rocking the fire suit #fromset #Mythbusters


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cccottermp 1372 days ago

doesn't matter what she's wearing, she is beautiful no matter what

L_Lawrence93 1373 days ago

She's too hot to wear normal clothes. :)

adolfnicolas 1373 days ago

nice suit, nice scene and above all that a nice face =))

steve_cosmo 1373 days ago

beautiful and somewhat wistful in a fire-suit.

kuyandud 1373 days ago


TheButterZone 1373 days ago

Is it just me, or does this remind anyone else of ?

feebeeglee 1373 days ago


CamroXXVII 1373 days ago

Rocking it and STILL locking sexy.

Sithinious 1373 days ago

Never realized it until now, but Kari resembles Julia Roberts (but prettier).

doughtywench 1373 days ago


litlmiss 1373 days ago

nice capture!

LogicallyRogue 1373 days ago

I'm always amazed at how every photo of Grant, Tory or Kari shows how much they love their job.

Kell909 1373 days ago

Matching earrings too! I want to be like Kari when I grow up.

JRyanTweet 1373 days ago

Ha! Love it! :)

andyinsdca 1373 days ago

That's a really good picture. what did you take it with?

TWlTTER8929 1373 days ago

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chanhoed 1373 days ago

great picture