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Editing room at WB #SPN #703

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1984 days ago

Editing room at WB #SPN #703


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Tandaz 1981 days ago

Wow, always wanted to see what the editing/directing side was like.-Thanks Guy ..More insight please

thePhouka 1981 days ago

Great shot Guy! Sam doesn't look happy!Wonder if this ep is one of them that gave Jared chills? :)

mlovett25 1983 days ago

Such a sexy Sammy!

spnMom 1983 days ago

Oh no, a spoiler!!!! Sam [Jared] looks down! Thanks guy *hugs*.

macgyver40 1984 days ago

Ah HAAAH! So this is how the BIG BOYS DO IT??? I was wondering how it was done. Thanks 4 sharing!

_KAZ2Y5CNK80Q3_ 1984 days ago


peepingdru 1984 days ago

Ahhh the padamane:D

violue 1984 days ago

So is someone going down on him in that shot? Please say yes.

Free2BeMe67 1984 days ago

Look at that face! Poor Sam! Why must you tease us Guy?! Just kidding! Love the way u share w/us!

kimkira 1984 days ago

awww, sammy... or.. AWWWW.... JARED!!! lol ;D

H50Germany 1984 days ago

Why do I have the urge to give Sam a hug? Thanks for sharing, Guy.

DearHeartxoxo 1984 days ago

COOOOOL!!!!! Can u zoom in on that computer monitor???? ;) LOL

TataMraz_SPN 1984 days ago

omg *-* Sam ♥

theExtraCookie 1984 days ago

Looks great! I think this is the best room.

SimoD_JulsW 1984 days ago

Looks great! Cannot wait!!!

Jamie_Rose89 1984 days ago

Looks like fun! :)