I can tickle a gnarly synth.

Just another angle for you to take in his dimensions. #stanley #log

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1441 days ago

Just another angle for you to take in his dimensions. #stanley #log


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BobCornish 1401 days ago

& I thought our cats were big, that is one Umongus cat !! LOL almost as sweet looking as you :-)

brunapagnozzi 1401 days ago

you're amazing

thamarasclapes 1412 days ago

minha muié é linda demais viu, vemk vem mor *-*

fightfan7 1418 days ago

lol either you are vary small or your cat freaking huge lol

ZacArgenal 1418 days ago

that a mane coon?

OwenKato 1428 days ago

what a huge cat! wow hes sooo big and black, and fluffy, he could even pass for that evil wolf from neverending story. he so could pass for that! or ur real small, but peeps say u 5,5.5? so ur not to small, so hes like the neverendering story wolf. its de

labodeguitamex 1440 days ago

smile for the camera Kittie!!!

Mawisshaa 1440 days ago

wow i love your kitty he looks so fluffy! :D

NatalieNDrocks 1440 days ago

can i have stanley..?

Hazetech 1440 days ago

Actually he looks like a normal size cat and you look hobbit sized ;) Cutest hobbit ever!

WindyCityAlex 1440 days ago

now that is a cat

TheJoshuaAdams 1440 days ago

That is like the Ashkandi of cats.

Davey_JonesDS 1441 days ago

cute stuff fancy face

Samzxx 1441 days ago

Compared to that our cat looks like a dwarf o_o

crashstatus 1441 days ago

You look like He-woman.

InspireOneness 1441 days ago

I want ONE!!!! SO ADORABLE! And the cats pretty cute too lol :)

Luke8713 1441 days ago

That cat is a few herps away from a derp.

BenFlores08 1441 days ago

actualy stanley is wielding lights

EmilianaPepaj 1441 days ago

His dimensions are adorable lol... <3

VoodooAK 1441 days ago

It looks're wielding him like a weapon.