Christian Beadles


Hi my name's Christian. I'm an actor, I love life and live to make people laugh. I try to be a role-model to my friends in my generation. Just say YES I CAN!


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paobebochsh 1905 days ago

Niiice xD♥

JordaneerAngel 1945 days ago

you and jordan are soo cute :)) follow me

raquelbeautifuI 1952 days ago

own que lindos

UrWittleMonster 1957 days ago

hot <3

LuvAlejandroAAK 1961 days ago

Jordaaan & Christiaan :)

ifixyou_ 1963 days ago

You both are so hot ;) bahah

MisiaLoveSel 1967 days ago

U are hot and sexy;)

isjustkidrauhl 1972 days ago

you are sexy :D

Twistbiebs 1972 days ago

left cute....right SEXY ;D haha

QANguyen2503 1973 days ago

wow, jordan jansen is hottttt

luunardi_ 1975 days ago

omg, 2 sexy boys +1

icha_chandra 1976 days ago

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SabriCastiglia 1976 days ago


itsivanamarie_ 1976 days ago

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CareFreeMofo_xo 1977 days ago

umm what should i say? it looks like 2 normal guys ;)

BieberGirlMe 1977 days ago

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LatinGirl_Angie 1978 days ago

aww!!! two HOT guys!!! ♥♥♥ =)

KimberlyACD 1978 days ago

Woooo That Cute.... They R So Hot OMB

MariiTaLenDa14 1978 days ago

I want to kiss me *-* TE AMO

1DBieberUKCrew 1978 days ago

this pic has too much #Swag :D