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Twitter Exclusive!!! Check out the album cover for our upcoming release "Welcome To The Masquerade" - Coming Sept 8th, 2009!

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2552 days ago

Twitter Exclusive!!! Check out the album cover for our upcoming release "Welcome To The Masquerade" - Coming Sept 8th, 2009!


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blc923 2515 days ago

wow...thats interesting looking foward to this record

LoveMutts 2521 days ago

that looks really cool but at the same time a little ofense!! Welcometo the Masquared!!! cant wait!!

sk0ng 2522 days ago

so excited for the new album

RainWsker 2535 days ago

OOH! CAN'T WAIT!!! You guys are AMAZING!!

taylorkasony 2537 days ago

uh wow, that's pretty unique. Think it would work on a male model better.. however, the mask is pretty tight.

Bblaize612 2543 days ago

wow that is freaking amazing! i'm so excited for the new record!!!!! and i LOVE Bring Me to Life

jamminmommy 2546 days ago

I am so totally stoked that a new album is coming out! I seriously listed to you guys everyday while I'm working out!

Disciple777 2548 days ago

This looks cool! quite love the theme. I'm so happy that there's a new album coming, I'm such a fand of you guys!!! You're my favorite band in all the world! :) Every song of you rocks so much! And I'm glad there's a new bunch to hear in this new album...

Owlcitygurlee44 2548 days ago


NickOzzy 2548 days ago


Annabanana88 2549 days ago

i agree, you guys should sell the mask. I would totally buy one!!! Can't wait for the new CD! You guys rock!

danielhgma 2549 days ago

thats good. that's really good

SleepingHearts 2550 days ago

totally sweet!!!!! I am sooo getting this one too. You guys are awesome. ^^ keep it up!

jac098 2550 days ago

looks tight cant wait to listen to it

NickarooLove 2550 days ago

I Can't wait you guys are my fav band :)

AxelKilo 2550 days ago

Holy's Crap i wants'z that mask and awesome cover too

cool_dixie_chic 2550 days ago

this is so cool i can't wait for the cd :)

meganmae27 2550 days ago

cant wait for the new CD!! annnnddd i cant wait for Soulfest. im soo stoked you guys will be there this year!! :)

macstudz 2551 days ago

Sweet :D Reminds me of Phantom of the Opera. Welcome to the Masquerade sounds cooler than the blackparade anyway... It could've been coincidence or a intentional copy. Either way, we have no evidence and it doesn't matter to me.

Derek_B_MHH 2551 days ago

Can't wait for the disc! Also can't wait for Creation West at The Gorge! It's gonna be an amazing weekend!