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The official twitter for The Used. What is The Used? Gross Pop, rock, light jazz, FUNK rock, funk ROCK.

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alice_sofie 2531 days ago

ooooun *-* cute - q coisinha fofa *-*

thepunkgirl 2552 days ago

is cuteeeeee

astorytokillme 2645 days ago


YaniYanyCakes 2646 days ago

Awwwwww cuteeeeeee

eblue7 2648 days ago

Puppies! Really adorable puppies.

Izzynomsllamas 2649 days ago


realfakewilliam 2649 days ago

ZELDA!!! omg i love her

KatiexKatt 2649 days ago

zelda :).

LortayLove 2649 days ago

awwwww zelda and link are the cutest dogs ever (as well as 's dexter)

Tangerine6277 2649 days ago

i love it!!!!
omG! is so cute!!! n_n

TotalRevenge 2649 days ago

whoo cute :D

believeincommas 2649 days ago

Awww, they are so ridiculously cute!

myfavoritejam 2649 days ago

Zelda is so adorable :3

get__stoned 2649 days ago

Owwwwn, that's so cuuuuute, man! Why they are in a cage?

mimi13rules 2649 days ago

Awww, reminds me of my aunts dog. But it kinda died.

valeriez 2649 days ago

Adorable! Have fun at home.

JE9 2649 days ago

i really want a puppie. insted i got a kitten o_O