Stand & B Counted or Sit & B Nothing. Don't Litter,Chew Gum,Walk Past Homeless PPL w/out Smile.DOESNT MATTER in 5 yrs IT DOESNT MATTER THERE'S ONLY LOVE&FEAR

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976 days ago


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Mel_Lynnn77 694 days ago

i love you cher you are my idol.

Hishamkardasi 872 days ago

I like this foto of urs.

riwired 939 days ago

Always beautiful.

JCOMANSE 973 days ago

Luv the earings! So halfbreed!

ausluv 975 days ago

thats a stunning pic cher u look so hot xxxxxxx

Luanna_xv 975 days ago


wardlamb 975 days ago

Amazing in yellow

GabyRovit 975 days ago


SWLinPHX 975 days ago

Is this pic slightly distorted/stretched vertically?

CHOCOLATEvsCHER 976 days ago

sooooooooooooooo - wooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

federicodemian 976 days ago

OOoooo Cher and baby face

Lena_dixiegirl 976 days ago

Gorgeous as EVER!!!

M_an82 976 days ago

U look fantastic!! So kewl to c these home pics! Charisma n beauty- luv those haunting eyes ;D xx

mymyshygirl 976 days ago

Pretty girl :)

jakey54 976 days ago

Peace girl, saw burlesqr tonight

Baindog 976 days ago

Someday I will meet you!!!

Neaters01 976 days ago

Soooo beautiful...;-)

janetg0810 976 days ago

WOW!! Exquisitely beautiful. Love the earrings.

dumbofan21 976 days ago

You're so pretty. And you don't even know it, do you?

IngridReginaKSL 976 days ago