We love to play Music, but most the time we play the fool. Eighteen years and counting.

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2556 days ago


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lynemsv 2522 days ago

I can't believe you're back!! I really love you all since the beginnig! Kisses (from Brazil! =)

Savanah28 2532 days ago

yea ..you look like me, when i have a hard stint....

LindsayMarie71 2534 days ago

aw =[ poor kids..get some shut eye

trixie84uk 2536 days ago

Go to Sleep man! :D

sheilawilson88 2536 days ago

touring in kc anytime soon?

butrfli0901 2539 days ago

Hard workers! Totally appreciate it guys! Can't wait to see you sometime this summer/fall! I hope you enjoyed seeing Taylor Swift, she's awesome, so is Keith Urban, love him! Not as much as you of course, hehe! Take care boys!

NewMomKelly 2543 days ago

should totally do a childrens cd! (srry - i accidently clicked the submit before i finished my though )

NewMomKelly 2543 days ago

you guys work so hard.. when do have time for your babies?? i would die if i couldnt be with my daughter 24/7.. completely appreciate your music though! i love having music i can listen to around my daughter & not worry about the language or content, you

Sobanskowisk 2545 days ago

I wanna be your friend there! hehe
I like Ike and Zac too! They are special persons to me.
Guys, I really consider and respect you!.

Sobanskowisk 2545 days ago

Tay, I EVER will love's you, guy!..When I die, will make a question to God:_Oh God, In the PAradise I've Tay stand by me?! 'CAuse in the earth ..it's difficult! I swear, if the walk comes here, I'll go. Now I'm not a kid! P.S: I learn inglish with hanson

doesitmoveyou13 2547 days ago

I bet you are making beautiful music!

DeborahMorais 2547 days ago

Come to brasil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yessssssss

natalia_moura 2548 days ago

Come to Brazilllllllllll!!!!

Amanda23C 2550 days ago

lion_feather -- I'm not saying Tay doesn't look good he always LOOKS good Tired or not... Im just saying he looks really tired....

shilohninejulia 2550 days ago

nice pic

ThatTommyGuy 2551 days ago

I'm shure that this alublm will sound great Taylor, I have never heard a bad Hanson CD.

TamyHitz 2551 days ago

Wooow, Tay very nice =)
Kisses form chileeeeeee! Come back! God blees you

Spanisheyes007 2551 days ago

My Abuelo has the same hat...

amer1kanreject 2552 days ago

im loving the stache :D tay can pretty much pull off anything :P

chely_86 2552 days ago

i don`t like you mustache :S and i thik you need a relax moment ...