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This is wrong. Right?

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1228 days ago

This is wrong. Right?


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N2theTalkingCat 1218 days ago

uh, no one cun dunce like me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExdmX7QQ99M

jameshamelton 1219 days ago

LOL Yeah it's wrong but it's funny too!

Andy_D_Gonzalez 1223 days ago


JTRJules 1224 days ago

One time I had Butthole stuck on my display for 20 minutes while I drove around out in the boonies.

chicagogail400 1225 days ago

This is way wrong, what is it?

esw13176 1225 days ago


UmFaEk 1225 days ago

they cun try again

dundalknimble 1225 days ago


gardenweezle83 1225 days ago

thats why we need spell check on every thing LOl!

AEMPortes 1226 days ago

Rosetta Stone works for me!

GunGun1989 1226 days ago

maybe wrong, but some kind of right.

joeybags63 1226 days ago

OK... C U N ext T uesday

keekeedee24 1226 days ago

so much wrong with this

RkkrGurl4ever 1226 days ago

GROODY!!!!!! haha.

MadelineFan 1226 days ago

I haven't met any country.

livnonhope 1226 days ago

Purty dern funny Fallon! Now I don't feel so bad for referring to my friend, Dick, as penis!

GavinParker1 1227 days ago

Genius, pure genius. Nearly hurt myself laughing

cdpretzle 1227 days ago

at least the hole is the right size

cohiba96 1227 days ago

I got nuthin'

CallMeMrBill 1227 days ago

I guess Hooked on Phonics really does work.