Anthony Cumia


Anthony from the Opie And Anthony Show.

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1109 days ago


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MarsWolfman 1108 days ago

He's soaking his weary tiny little tea bags...ohhhhhhBill Tetley

vtdave7 1108 days ago

Wow a manatee.

BadluckLu 1108 days ago

See a mauntuk monster in your pool, beleve in them now?

BadluckLu 1108 days ago

*points* LOOK! It's the creature form the Zilch Lagoon!

BadluckLu 1108 days ago

Aaaahhh Mauntuk monster

unclehargus 1108 days ago

gon hafta use extra chemicals after him being in there

Ofthewoods 1108 days ago

Whats that yellow stream near his chest?

PatDerr 1108 days ago

All I see is that albino manatee.

roamingaimless 1109 days ago

Drown tetley lol. Love ya Jim!

jbalaneski 1109 days ago

Awww he looks like a little bloated sea lion.....

saunwon8 1109 days ago

JIMMY IN THE WATER.. get it like the movie Lady in the water.

Angelswatch 1109 days ago

Yep, I knew that was yimmie when i saw the logs floating next to him

Jon_Hayden 1109 days ago

Is that Jimmy or Pat from Moonachie? Hrmf hrmf...

montaukfisher 1109 days ago

Look, no swimmies

carnyrube 1109 days ago

PEEE serpent!....OOOOOFFFF....sorry..

FuckGodEatBacon 1109 days ago

Huh. So lesbians DO float in water. Who knew? #buoyantscissoringisthebest

whiskyriver27 1109 days ago have a turtle in your pool.

MilwaukeeShawn 1109 days ago


Iovekitty 1109 days ago

jimmy's in the pool! jimmy would like to get to know you! jimmy will see you later

Hooty_Hoo 1109 days ago

Looks like that pool needs a deadguard or sumtin...tss..tsss