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Who you are today should be your number one opponent tomorrow.

Should I try more action roles?

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1346 days ago

Should I try more action roles?


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BeautyByAprilRI 1306 days ago

Gawd........your hotness factor just skyrocketed................holy hell.... *fans self*

IAmBratacus 1345 days ago

if you do more action roles i thgink u need to grow out your beard a little more for a rougher look, everyone loves ya anyways :)

LindaBodmark 1346 days ago

If that means you are gonna look that hot, than yes!

alaksha7 1346 days ago

yes please. <3

RyanRezaian 1346 days ago


DonDonAlmighty 1346 days ago

i think you should yeah lol

saraparker 1346 days ago

why are you sitting behind the rocks??? Stand up!!! there were some epic shots of you in Kates Vlog the other day!

IhazaWonkyHalo 1346 days ago

Yes! :) and cool pic!

JohnnyNr5 1346 days ago

Of course you should man. Coming from a dude you look the business in that outfit.

Fuller_h 1346 days ago

yes ! you and kate in a zombie video series! you should do that!

StealthyRockape 1346 days ago

nice! looking good man i definatly think you should keep doing action roles!

gnx00raiser 1346 days ago

i think you should cory you look awesome :)

TheFlyWahine 1346 days ago

Also looks cool.

KatiesTweetsInc 1346 days ago


iamcaboose300 1346 days ago

cory you look like a BOSS!!!1!!!!!

Jagdpanther22 1346 days ago

Ya you should, I could see you in a kickass action role.

Crisp3dot14 1346 days ago

Someone's been eating a bit too much fibre!

EmLouiseSalt 1346 days ago

totally!!! u look HOT!! x

BJDediKater 1346 days ago

....OH but never forget your comedy :D i love it haha

starlightskyy 1346 days ago