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We brought the electric Hummer to the Capitol today. Unbelievable technology, great potential.

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2534 days ago

We brought the electric Hummer to the Capitol today. Unbelievable technology, great potential.


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yoann01 2334 days ago

I took a genial.
Black please.

EmeDG 2443 days ago

Olha só o carro do Governador: Um Hummer Elétrico!! Maaaano... EU QUEEEROOO...

jambirre 2506 days ago

I think its a great example that many people who have chance to do and they dont.Its not only about that 60%of the electricity becoming from natural gas,but a little,maby a lot about the planet:)

101Creative 2512 days ago

Light weight, smaller vehicles still make more sense.

mcunnington 2512 days ago

An electric Hummer?!? Go !

DollbabyMelissa 2512 days ago

I'm breathless over Arnold xo - what a man xoxoxo

Kimonas 2512 days ago

Hey Arnie, that guy is leaning on your car and I know what your thinking...

lauralex 2527 days ago

An electric Hummer?! I' m breathless.. You all, americans, are very lucky. I' m thinking about an electric Fiat and I' m scared.

supersosyal 2530 days ago

I hope those will run around 2012. If ever we enter to the core of the photon belt..... we are looking forward for more alternative other than that. Where are the suppressed technologies, sir?

Grantschim 2530 days ago

Did you know that 60% of the electricty produced in this State comes from Natural Gas? Electricity is NOT the answer.

iichchha 2532 days ago

But it was fail in recent past, so don't draw any conclusion .

buffywine 2533 days ago

I support the cause, but I am confused on the new car rules. Does that mean we won't be able to drive the cars that we have? Or are these new cars just going to be new ones they are selling? And will it be affordable?

sfyoshi 2533 days ago


regina9jz 2533 days ago

that's great that you have one; so how can I get one to go electric!

raenocerous 2533 days ago

awesomeness :) love how pro-active you are about our environment!

martyman2 2533 days ago

OOOH Yes. It just keeps on getting better. Ignore the Negheads this is really getting there.

niceguyl 2534 days ago

Where does electricity come from? It's mostly made of fossil fuels. Are power stations more efficient than car engines?

n_t_h_a_b_i 2534 days ago

Killer car,wish someone in my family can afford a hummer,let alone a 3 series bmw. . . .

Neil72 2534 days ago

Followed an old Electric Milk Float here in the UK the other day (yes there are some still around). I explained to my six year old why it went so slow but now they have built electric vehicles alot faster and it's better for environment etc (whilst in our

2save 2534 days ago

Agree ! Electro is the future...
but there are millions of petrol's engines on the road...
Let's do something for that as well...
Mr. Governor! I just sent the proposal to Your office, -hope to get an answer,