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Want 1 of 20 @Glee3DMovie prize packs? Tell us why you're the biggest gleek. Winners picked next week!

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1641 days ago

Want 1 of 20 prize packs? Tell us why you're the biggest gleek. Winners picked next week!


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jamz143 1638 days ago

i love glee so much that i went to nkotbsb concert paid 400 just to see matthew morrison okay enuff said

ChicagoLuv88 1639 days ago

Easy!I love Glee =) Loved the show from day 1 & adore the entire cast & am now obsessed w/ Glee Project!

PobreDiabloX 1639 days ago

I'm the biggest GLEEK because I got to see them film parts of the movie! Waited in line for hours but it was the best day ever!

Amandalo06 1639 days ago

I LOVE Glee! Such amazing talent all packed together in one great show! "Somebody To Love" is engraved in my mind & is my number 1 workout song to jam to!

pittsbrgh24 1640 days ago

Cause I'm a gleek!

foreverfinchell 1640 days ago

I read glee fanfiction every day, I have a glee shrine, every thing I do on my computer has something to do with glee, I have seen both seasons about 20 times, and I have learn to love me for me because of glee.

cher1011 1640 days ago

Always did my own thing

emilysolis05 1640 days ago

I've been hooked on this show since day 1. I'm obsessed with Artie and I screamed at the premiere!

bbgreen1891 1640 days ago

I love this show so much! I didn't watch it when it first came out but when I caught one episode I was hooked. I went back and watched all the episodes and haven't missed an episode since. Glee is the most amazing show!I could watch it over and over again

TomG381 1640 days ago

Glee is the best ever. My wife got me hooked. I got picked on a lot in high school and watching glee makes me feel better. I never miss a episode of glee or the glee project. We going to see glee 3D on Sunday.

want5movie 1640 days ago

I love Glee. All the actors are so talented. So many of the shows have topics that teenagers can relate to. Like being a geek, or the not so popular kid in the school. And the signing is so fabulous. Can't think of enough good things to say about this sh

WhoJanis 1640 days ago

Glee makes everyone shine, I had brain surgery and was made fun of in school, it makes me feel good.

justmeloulou 1640 days ago

LOVE Glee, all is quiet during the show even though peeps are over- and I went to see 3d twice yesterday instead of class- and it was the first week of classes.

WhoJanis 1640 days ago

I have the whole season on my DVR and have watched each one at least 5 times, I couldn't sleep before the movie came out andmade sure I sat by myself so I could SING!!! I LOVE #GLEE!

amyarrington 1640 days ago

I own every cd and mp3 and jam with my best gleek friends everytime we go somewhere on the road!

ElderPoptart 1640 days ago

I was born this Gleek and I make my living singing girl songs.

KoalaInChicago 1640 days ago

I only wear vests, I think my cat has been reading my diary, and there's no other loser like me!!

bethan_yy 1640 days ago

I am the biggest Gleek because I skipped my aunt's wedding ceremony to watch the season 1 finale of Glee.

CCWGGuy 1640 days ago

I'm the biggest GLEEk because at 27 years old GLEE still inspires me to accept myself and others around me. It also gave me the joy and courage to face my cancer diagnosis head on and honestly anytime I watch it I am just overcome with joy!

muddymudskipper 1640 days ago

I have a tattoo of Lord Tubbington, I won't tell you where