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is that a gun in your pocket?

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1641 days ago

is that a gun in your pocket?


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loofly 1629 days ago

Scott looks very pleased with himself lol

Dalek_Skeet 1630 days ago

OMG love it! :D
reminds me of the pic of u posing on the bomb in Doctor Who's "empty child" :)

Mellie_A_B 1632 days ago

Looks like fun!
I better not say what I am thinking..

Trudy1972 1634 days ago

wow Mr Barrowman we r a big boy

DeadlyGlamour 1635 days ago

Well, if you ever want to learn how to fire something like this, the exchange offer is still standing...

mum_of_two_kids 1638 days ago


Damien_M_Fan_ 1639 days ago

LOL =') keep having fun you 2 <3

toshisback 1639 days ago

You're gonna need a bigger pocket!

NoahEHarkness 1640 days ago

OMG!!!! you two are the best!!!! Enjoy summer holidays!!!

pinklady9087 1640 days ago


KennedyEleanor 1641 days ago

I've just gone weak at the knees :-)

VirgilCox 1641 days ago

hehe ges I'd like to see somebody put that in there pocket lOl

AngelaSpaven 1641 days ago

OMG is that what the guy from the bar on torchwood had to go down on lol. Torchwoods getting good now ive finally caught up. Have a lovely holiday. See you in Nottingham in November xx

ninawiski 1641 days ago


carliejones64 1641 days ago

Aye! Aye! Captain!

purplerift 1641 days ago

lol cute pic

calicatcortina 1641 days ago

Hellooooo, sailor! ;-)

kuberater 1641 days ago

so which of you does that gun belong to?

elainewilson7 1641 days ago

Tee hee, what a great picture!! : ) xx

DebV22 1641 days ago

Been told I was bad. kidding around. So Sorry. Feel bad. Love you! :( Forgive me.