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Who you are today should be your number one opponent tomorrow.

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Here's a picture of @KatersOneSeven and I on the Fallout #NukaBreak set.  (last tweet today. promise.)

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1117 days ago

Here's a picture of and I on the Fallout #NukaBreak set. (last tweet today. promise.)


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alaksha7 1115 days ago

dirty cory is dirty. lol

Yousef_Najjar 1115 days ago


saraparker 1116 days ago

oh yeah!!!! more of that please!!!!

MattJakeT 1116 days ago

that is awsome !

BJDediKater 1116 days ago

you two are cute :D

MicrowavedEggs 1116 days ago


Chaska09 1116 days ago

Looks freaking EPIC! I'm not even a gamer and I'm excited for

roseannegagne 1117 days ago

you guys look so epic!<3 best badass team evar!

thesherbet 1117 days ago

you sure thats kate? looks like mila jovovich :P

Fleam2298 1117 days ago

I LOVE THE FALLOUT SERIES this looks amazing and its only a pic it gonna be epic!

Olternaut 1117 days ago

Yes, this does indeed appear that its going to be AWESOME!!!!!!! :P

wolfprincess027 1117 days ago

This is going to be cool!

IhazaWonkyHalo 1117 days ago

Awsome picture!!

Simon_Nedelchev 1117 days ago


kira_michelle 1117 days ago

lookin good

CubicleCam2 1117 days ago

That's so hot.

BJDediKater 1117 days ago

Looks badass!! you two are awesome hope it's fun can't wait to see it :D

para_87 1117 days ago

irritating, that lara crofts nails are painted, but sexy <3 but cory seems to be the next george clooney too

Reno_Gregory 1117 days ago

DUDE. Thats like... HELLA EPIC!

TheMJ01 1117 days ago

dude, epic!!!