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27 riders from 9 different nationalities racing for Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

We had a visitor at the hotel today.....

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2533 days ago

We had a visitor at the hotel today.....


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speedoflite1 2532 days ago

amusing. be

amusing. watch those things.

2UpDuc 2532 days ago

He is seriously devoted. Wish that I could go to that many TDF's and Giro's and TOC's.

AbhiRamlugun 2532 days ago

That guy is literally a Legend. Planet Armstrong on Eurosport had kind of a little documentary on him today.

idiotnoir 2532 days ago

maybe if these jackasses didn't get any camera time they would disappear into oblivion

idiotnoir 2532 days ago

$100 to the 1st person to trip that clown on his dumb ass

hgrant4630 2532 days ago

His name is Dore (sp) Holt. He's a superfan at all of the Grand Tours and also ToC.

speedoflite1 2532 days ago

A HUNK??? Ok, he's big on top, but noticeably small downstairs. Rustler Magazine article says his name is "Mini Me". ...any takers ladies?

dan_blake 2533 days ago

Really good, but I prefer the Montana Super Elkman Levi Fan uniform. It's hornier.

lepetitoiseau 2533 days ago

Is that guy, like, independently wealthy, or what? He's, like, EVERYWHERE for years! Viva Super Texafan!

speedoflite1 2533 days ago

I've seen that "accident waiting to happen" galloping beside the riders on 7-14% gradients; and coming perilously close to GC men, domestiques & spectators alike.

ivoterp 2533 days ago

What Flecha did during last year's Vuelta was ultimately funny..... :)

caroviarmes 2533 days ago

finally I'm really not sure he is a fan...Maybe T phinney

mattko 2533 days ago

That guy is awesome...he's been following the tours for the past few years from my recollection. Hook 'Em Horns, Buddy! I think he's checking out the Madone!

jbsrq 2533 days ago

Look at that guys face, he looks like a giant Tyler Hamilton

bobki9 2533 days ago


caroviarmes 2533 days ago

already saw him on TV(tour de Cali-stage Clovis?)Not sure, but he runs more than he rides!

scarletredryder 2533 days ago

What a HUNK!!!!I see him on TV all the funny

livnstrong 2533 days ago

You know...that guy!

livnstrong 2533 days ago

You know...that guy!

thiswasanfield 2533 days ago

Who is he??