*scratches head* Uh...yea i'm one of those Twilight fans, lover of all things related to the Twilight Saga, Edward Cullen and RPattz! *shrugs* :P

Taylor is sitting behind Kristen and Rob at the MTV Movie Awards! Thanks Frankie for the photo!

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2106 days ago

Taylor is sitting behind Kristen and Rob at the MTV Movie Awards! Thanks Frankie for the photo!


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PattyCova 2105 days ago

omg!!!!!!! ARE SERIOUS??? WOW!!!

v4ticancameos 2106 days ago

There's someone in between them? NOOO! Awww, man! :\

egoins22 2106 days ago


thayi 2106 days ago


Vanina_Teisaire 2106 days ago

Spanish: hola! me encanto la pic bueh! agregame a tus f/f jaja bueh besos!

English: Hello! I am charmed with me good pic! Add to your your good f/f jaja kisses!

unlikelly 2106 days ago

Eww...Miley Cyrus. Haha, why is Taylor behind them?! GO TWILIGHT!

TwiBritneyFan 2106 days ago

They are in the front because they are going to win! Yeah!

GE0RGiE_P0RGiE 2106 days ago

They seem to be sitting in the popular section! Ha. They have better seats than Miley Cyrus.

veronikablack 2106 days ago

Aaaawww!!! That's interesting hahaha! :D

jennykate77 2106 days ago

SNChick825 2106 days ago

Thats awesome!!

MaryamMir 2106 days ago

oh i can now ! I wonder who will sit between RP & KS . . . Shames ; how does TL feel in the same row as miley cyrus !

MaryamMir 2106 days ago

i cant see it !!!!!!!!!!! :(

harrie08 2106 days ago

I am soooooooo excited :D

mapicarvajal 2106 days ago


thenameiscarlos 2106 days ago

thats awesome they are sitting near to great stars like cameron and miley só it means we will c them alot =D

north81 2106 days ago

I'm sure they're tryin to avoid lookin like a couple. Plus they know if they sit next to each other all they'll do is talk & laugh. I wonder who Rob is bringin? I'd give anything to be his + 1.

rockinchick1985 2106 days ago

ah they get to set next 2eachother, but taylor looks like row behind them. how did u get in lol :)

georgiaosman_ 2106 days ago

awwh they get to sit together!!!! :D