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@Scottmale pretty in paella

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1729 days ago

pretty in paella


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toshisback 1728 days ago

Pobrecito Scott...methinks the camera will be made to disappear to the gulag by the end of this vacation. Espero que él haya disfrutado de la paella de mariscos.

Katecoulter 1728 days ago

pretty in pink

MrsRTBG 1728 days ago

Awwww I'm guessing you caught him by suprise ????XxXx

sazzy69 1729 days ago

Oh my days you're a lucky man Barrowman waking up to those eyes every morning #welljel x

Time_Hound 1729 days ago

Looks like he is going to play the "payback" game.....;))

nix1199 1729 days ago

Scott looks gorgeous as ever, but may take your camera away before your holiday is over.

suewho61 1729 days ago

He cant even eat his dinner in peace xx

evo0308 1729 days ago

Lovely Scott - almost as pretty as John!!! Or maybe more????

gynadegyna 1729 days ago

for me his gaze said "Oh not again John." LOL maybe you and twitter had shared his photo more than paparazzi do

KathieMaria93 1729 days ago

Adorable as always but the look says why, john lol love it though :) x

jedikat71 1729 days ago

I can't decide which looks yummier!

aresnz 1729 days ago

Food looks does Scott. :-)

Annisa_ 1729 days ago

mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm :D

sblim82 1729 days ago

nom nom nom :-D

Tec1978 1729 days ago

Rofl nice photo, although he´s looking like he´s not all to happy with that camera of yurs :)

sazy789 1729 days ago

scotts like get that camra away while im eating lol

Gloriacorbi 1729 days ago

You have to taste my mama's paella. When you want!

LuciferRising67 1729 days ago

Oh my lord, SCOTT!!!!
cute as anything ever, EVER<3

gripper70 1729 days ago

Lovely pic of Scott xx

hatorl 1729 days ago

he looks great in pink