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Dong dong Dali viva espana

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1566 days ago

Dong dong Dali viva espana


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NoahEHarkness 1563 days ago

Barcelona is one of most beautifull city of Spain!!! With a lot of wonderfull places to visit!!! Enjoy it!!
and don't forget visit the Güell Park

Eladoth 1564 days ago

Hey John! Where's the Ñ? ;) Have a great vacations, Spain is wonderfull.

maddmaxx64 1565 days ago

We have a Dali Museum here in St Pete, FL, John, come on down!

ingahauks 1566 days ago

Have a wonderful holiday John. Thanks for sharing.

KatFlap 1566 days ago

Please send us some sun! Lovely pic, ta for sharing but it's OK to forget us for a while. x

jedikat71 1566 days ago

Looks lovely! Thanks for sharing!

hab318princess 1566 days ago

lovely photo... and blue skies... lucky you - hope you've got fun

Mickie_Newton 1566 days ago

Lovely pic..hope our weather is as good when we go away in a few days! lol

Katecoulter 1566 days ago

bring some sunshine back with you

Tec1978 1566 days ago

Nice your in Spain, enjoy your trip, its a gorgeous country. Saludos de Valencia en España :)

OhSkittledOne 1566 days ago

So that's where the sunshine went. Strapped to the back of the camper *sighs* Cool art at the back

Gloriacorbi 1566 days ago

This is Figueres, Teatro Museo Dalí. :D

sexysuzie45 1566 days ago

Enjoy the matadors and stay away from arsenic,you don't look good with blue lips!,sweaty is good though... x

karennearly50 1566 days ago

looks loveley enjoy your holiday and have fun

Tracyann45 1566 days ago

have a lovely holiday, you so deserve it, loving the pictures you tweet.xx

Larissa2110 1566 days ago

Аre You in Barcelona? Oh, please foto near Sagrada Familia!

priv8teer 1566 days ago

Looking nice and sunny in Figueres. Have you been to the museum yet?

Frizzstar 1566 days ago

Great pic John xx

yetanotherpearl 1566 days ago

oh, wow, what is that cool looking statue?

GHFsheepdogs 1566 days ago

ah sun... makes a change from the rain we've got here!