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It's my bridge buddy

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1423 days ago

It's my bridge buddy


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Rachel_Margera 1398 days ago

This. Is. Genius. <3

aromanwithababy 1413 days ago

Oh god I can't stop laughing. Best photo ever.

Toni_M_Taylor 1417 days ago

Loving the creative photography! xx

ScottishShannon 1417 days ago

hahah!! best photo by far so random yet creative LOVE IT!! :D

ShirJ2 1423 days ago

wow u UNIC John!!! luv yaaaaaa IANTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

LuciferRising67 1423 days ago life is complete!!!!!

Stahta85 1423 days ago


Mickie_Newton 1423 days ago

The runours are are a nutter!! lol Love you for it! x

Dalek_Skeet 1423 days ago

haha love it :)

torchwoodangel 1423 days ago

haha cute! does "little Jack " go everywhere with you ? xX

Otnai 1423 days ago

Who is that guy on the left side??? Lol!!

jamzyxx 1423 days ago

lol i think you cropped a bit too much hair off

Katecoulter 1423 days ago

Hilarious - where is it?

Akinera 1423 days ago

Love this picture. And... I've got the same buddy: what a coincidence!

sexysuzie45 1423 days ago

No the real version is so much better.plastic Jack looks a little constipated!

aresnz 1423 days ago

Great pic... LOL

johnismyhero 1423 days ago

Brilliant picture :D i love it cant wait to see jb in november xx

simbatoast 1423 days ago

Haha, excellent :D

Tec1978 1423 days ago

hehehe nice photo :)

sazy789 1423 days ago

thats clever that ;-D