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I'm eating french bread and drinking beaujolais

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1901 days ago

I'm eating french bread and drinking beaujolais


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ILOVEBARROWMAN 1890 days ago

OMG you are soooooooooooooooooo funny

MrsRTBG 1900 days ago

Awwww bless , :-D .

Lisa_L 1900 days ago

The pinky needs to be higher darling!

sexysuzie45 1900 days ago

Wheres your manners...TUT!

Lesleyanne_x 1900 days ago

They always say practice makes perfect (eating bread that is, what were u thinking) LOL

purplerift 1900 days ago

lol well at least ur liking the food an the drinks lol

Kellykuk 1900 days ago

john, stop deep throating the bread!! (i'm sorry but i HAD to say it!!)

jedikat71 1901 days ago

YUM!!! :D

hope2259 1901 days ago

Bon appétit. À ta santé! LOL! ;D xx

OhSkittledOne 1901 days ago

Or are you trying to multi task? Eat, drink and photograph yourself?

Tec1978 1901 days ago

Rofl, good one. Enjoy yur evening :)

torchwood3hub 1901 days ago

You are Definatly a Jack of Many Multi Talents

Time_Hound 1901 days ago

Stop playing with your food - John. ;) )

Frizzstar 1901 days ago

Great photo John. XX

AngelD65 1901 days ago

Cant imagine what that reminds me of, lol.

hab318princess 1901 days ago

Bon Appetit

AbsolutBex 1901 days ago

I have no comment to this that doesn't involve something pornographic.

gripper70 1901 days ago

love the pic John your awesome xx

Lumikki 1901 days ago

Oh, that's disgusting ;)

Damien_M_Fan_ 1901 days ago

Because john is awsome xD .. haha lol have a good night <3