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Honest sign on the door of Subway #manchester #londonriots

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1754 days ago

Honest sign on the door of Subway #manchester #londonriots


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JMarkDodds 1628 days ago

Would that be SUBWAY as in the fasted growing retail franchise in the world? Selling long, soft seeded airy sponge like substances filled with weird same-tasting pastes, colors and flavors at unreasonably low prices to a population that can afford little

Mattybhoy_69 1746 days ago

I'd say this sign *almost* qualifies as art :-)

Mattybhoy_69 1746 days ago

What are all these ridiculous posts about.....don't you lot understand sarcasm at all?!!!!

DigitGeek 1747 days ago

more beheadings in Mexico I say

billybegum 1752 days ago

"the immigration collapse of society" makes sense? Also, get your face seen to.

AtlantaMadman 1753 days ago

End of civilization means one less Subway? OK, I can live with that.

obatomy 1753 days ago

Sad, very sad. Americans: buy ammo.

MsKRenee 1753 days ago

keeping you all safely covered in prayer

ultrasquid 1753 days ago


derekandkong 1753 days ago

Give that Sandwich Technician a raise!

ABlackacre 1753 days ago

Brilliant! Love it, though the collapse of society is quite civil

TheBadger512 1753 days ago

I love whoever wrote this.

Panimu 1753 days ago

a sandwich shop is not proposing to remedy anything you muppet

BobbShen 1753 days ago

How exactly does closing at 6pm remedy the "imminent" collapse of society.. #londonriots

mvic89 1753 days ago

, Your implied opinions are more ill-informed, ever been to Peckham or Croydon?

KleStar3 1753 days ago

ahhahah loool but idk I think he was joking ;)

TTribedi 1753 days ago

I'm sorry but ur comment was such a fail I literally LOL'd (no offence :D)

Scott1984_FP 1753 days ago

Poor Subway Staff & Unlikely To Get paid Either :( :/

mechanicalpope 1753 days ago

Thnx, we'll be sure to consider your ill-informed opinions about a place you've never been.

MikkiWinn 1753 days ago

Here's a thought UK......Stop in-caging them in boroughs....and stop calling them 'rats' and maybe you can talk to them.