Spirit and Oppy


Roaming the Red Planet on six wheels since Jan 2004. The official mission Twitter of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers.

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TiltDogg 2788 days ago

It warms my heart to see a 7-year-old so interested in Science and the space program! Keep exercising that brain, Julian - you're an inspiration!!!

linnk99 2788 days ago


maruyama3 2788 days ago

さすがだ! from Japan

RabidApe 2790 days ago


laanasofia 2790 days ago

just logic

astroengine 2791 days ago

Now THIS is a great idea! Wonderful lateral thinking Julian! You have a bright future career with NASA now!

charlie_joe 2791 days ago

This kid it's not a genius, we all are dumber! Julian! Don't you become like us! Julian rules!

caa1000 2792 days ago

Julian may be the next Astronaut! Why NASA could not think of that?

scampion 2792 days ago

Clever solution, Julian!

soularbeagle 2792 days ago

The wisdom of children...

vector_kyle 2792 days ago

Very well illustrated. Let's have JPL run a simulation of this, and if successful, and push out the commands to mars!

squishedworm 2792 days ago

and Did this work? Is the Spirit rover free?

squishedworm 2792 days ago

I watched someone do this same thing on Extreme Loggers, or maybe Ax Men, when the huge truck got stuck in the mud, they used the crane to tripod themselves out. Good work, Julian, remember to study and keep trying to grow up SMART!

spacemomma 2792 days ago

Great Job Julian you have a bright future.

4fauxfr 2792 days ago

out of the mouths of babes.

staciefrost 2792 days ago


KateSherrod 2792 days ago

Dear Julian: You have a very bright future. Always remember it's fun to be smart.

RasTommy 2792 days ago

Now that's using the ol' noggin! Awesome!

RasTommy 2792 days ago

Now that's using the ol' noggin! Awesome!

Toddon3 2792 days ago

We'll have the new Mars Rover go over and help fix this one! Thanks Julian... keep up the good work!