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lmfao #londonriots

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1453 days ago

lmfao #londonriots


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jeff_mcconnell 1451 days ago

pretty sure this is fake. although the person who made this is still sick + prob liable for inciting.

lee_hollis 1451 days ago

haha like it!!

vickibaybii 1451 days ago

Shame she didnt nick out of Waterstone might of actually learned something, dirty scum!!

lee_hollis 1451 days ago

I have reported to the relevant authorities :D not a good idea, bragging....

bluntpixie 1451 days ago

the real vicky pollard .. what goes around comes around

Ouchy 1452 days ago

OneEyedFishSurf 1452 days ago

Repulsive DRUNKEN Toad...-WHAT parents spewed you forth into this world !!!! Chav SCUM isn't the word !

alfhartley 1452 days ago

If your Google chav couple on Google images this picture comes up its probably was a parody account by someone looking for attention.

Griffy87 1452 days ago

You fucking stupid bitch, i wud love to punch you between the eyes you ugly bitch

GRAHAMCATON1 1453 days ago

You fuckin Fat ugly Skank , Thicker than a whale omlette ! Get a job , get a life, Get a gastric band you fat mess

Aaronn310 1453 days ago

Imma do a riot on your face you f*ckin piece of sh!t.

Toots_90 1453 days ago


KhalDusan 1453 days ago

Not enough she is ugly, she's stupid as well. Mock her!!!

Arseburgers 1453 days ago

Why couldn't you just have stuck with the modelling rather than turn to a life of crime?

manusteg 1453 days ago

In the words of Nelson Muntz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX7wtNOkuHo

xxKEZZA87xx 1453 days ago

wot a clever girl!! nooot! gard wot the fuks wrong wiv her!? got 2b an inbred.. FUKIN RAT!!!!!

HardeyLeone 1453 days ago

I love her! A true star.

SA_66 1453 days ago

what an ugly very very stupid cunt.

BonesMcCoy1701 1453 days ago

What a silly bitch! Hope she trips and dies!

LashleyAFC 1453 days ago

What a fat, ugly fool