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The Turkish community of Dalston are chasing away rioters.What a great 'sense of community' . #londonriots #greatlondoners

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1906 days ago

The Turkish community of Dalston are chasing away rioters.What a great 'sense of community' . #londonriots #greatlondoners


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kaanarif 1877 days ago

its in our blood to that kind brave ..

QuistTweet 1903 days ago

excellent..proud people! Check the remix of proud #hackneywoman #londonriots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUxG6cHPfko

FatihALGUN 1904 days ago

If u have Turk neighbors near your property, do not worry. They did not give their freedom, never ever.

7spesh3 1904 days ago

Nice one lads......good to see the decent elements of society getting the upper hand. To you and your families, stay safe

Addictokiohotel 1905 days ago

Proud to be a Turk!

herrylaw 1905 days ago

Terrific! Well done! Protect you lovely shops and restaurants at all cost!

Gonewalking1 1905 days ago

well done and makes me proud to be half turkish

caner88 1905 days ago

i'm just proud of you. don't worry of anything if a Turk is with you

leventaksu 1905 days ago

Ironically, we are used to that from homeland: not relying on the gov to bring in justice and order.

PlymouthProwler 1905 days ago

Well done

HattieMad 1905 days ago

Proud to be a turk, well done :)

a_page 1905 days ago

I doubt whether we'd need Rubber Bullets if we all stood shoulder to shoulder #UKriots

kimmynain 1905 days ago

well done for standing your ground

serdalche 1905 days ago

if Police can't protect you , what are you gonig to do ? , well done guys

ameliawilson88 1905 days ago


sanjaythanki 1905 days ago


hiuzun 1906 days ago

Angry birds OUT , Angry Turks IN :))

beautifulsouthy 1906 days ago

lovin it. proud to be turkish. :-)

realtalkz2011 1906 days ago

lovin it doing a better job than the met police! give them 4 job let taxpayerz money go 2 some1 beta!!!