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A pic of a looter posing with a stolen bag of Tesco Value Basmati rice. RRP? About 30p. BLAP BLAP

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2030 days ago

A pic of a looter posing with a stolen bag of Tesco Value Basmati rice. RRP? About 30p. BLAP BLAP


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mcmensah 2027 days ago

worst part is, they're gonna find u
and they will find u
over some rice lmao

jlf_420 2027 days ago


sonastyle 2028 days ago

Someone pay the ransom!!!! 30p right?

jmjackson79 2029 days ago

Well done fuckwit. I hope you choke on it.

JswUAE 2029 days ago

hope your criminal record was worth the bag of rice.

TonyGlynn 2029 days ago

Who's the degenerate? The looter or the person who posted this?

nmarina333 2029 days ago

disgraceful you bloody degenerate

polliecreatives 2030 days ago

Where's your peas?

AmericanTomo 2030 days ago

''gimme all your money or the value price basmati gets it''

swerveit 2030 days ago

me gonna merc dis bag a rice if someone don't get me a proper hoodie.

ninjatoothpaste 2030 days ago

Not one of you considered that poverty is an issue for a lot of people now with social mobility so low!

alicethecamel1 2030 days ago

that's not just tesco value rice. that's tesco value rice and a tesco value hand gun :)

twitofa_Nobody 2030 days ago

Man, please let this poor bastard off. Too stupid to cover his face, so skint and late into the lootin just nickin a bag of value rice. (it is basmati tho)

rb7007 2030 days ago

It's,...."The Basmati Kid"! Lol

tonymacaroni 2030 days ago

I hope you go to Feltham YOI, you fucking loser. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer retard

danbankselite 2030 days ago

you guys are cracking jokes about this - but is it really funny? these guys are causing millions of pounds worth of damage and destroying businesses and making people lose their jobs!!!

tobosc 2030 days ago

now wot aisle da peas at so me caan av rice an pea!!

MollyLoves 2030 days ago

I don't understand. Is he planning to shoot the rice with his fingers, or...?

paulo_fandango 2030 days ago

He's gonna look pretty cool when he pulls out a Phat bag o' rice to smoke wid he's homies. ya get me blood.

ExauceLubangu 2030 days ago

Got rice b*tch? you got rice?, you got food, got soup, got spice.