Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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1942 days ago


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xShawnBoyx 1702 days ago

So did he ask you to start singing like a surgeon?

shardik10 1878 days ago

to funny that while he's getting his teeth worked on that there is an ad for teeth whitening products on the right!

XSarenkaX 1901 days ago

Are those dental goggles for real? They look like googly-eye glasses.

lordfogg 1901 days ago

oh dentel work.

Stacie57 1902 days ago

I like that you are getting your teeth fixed here and eating on the next picture coming up :D

mosoto_com 1908 days ago

hey man cool pic! come chat on Mosoto!

theMIGHTYenigma 1910 days ago

this pic is great!! I have it for my background on my pc!!! thanks Al!!

weezilla 1912 days ago

I can picture the assistant now: -"I've GOTTA get a picture of Weird Al! ! "

Pandabear277 1915 days ago

numb me, drill me, floss me, bill me!!!!

redravensounds 1918 days ago

Oh good grief that gives me the willies!!!

JimmyADUSA 1919 days ago

"Like an oral surgeon, cutting for the very first time"

juicebox_hero 1919 days ago

My teeth are a fright... got a huge overbite... Numb me, drill me, floss me, bill me!

langleyeffect 1920 days ago

Get away from Al, Steve Martin!!

d3rdcoast 1930 days ago

Nice arm Al! Best camera phone pic yet! LMBAO :)

Danielle_E_D 1934 days ago

Cool frames dentist dude

EjiputonoDEARS 1936 days ago

Are you getting a scaling and polishing session? Who took that picutre? :)

NotDiceClay 1937 days ago

He's adjusting the lights until the anesthetic knocks you out, then it's all about the *Money Shot* in 'Weird Al Gets Funky!'

NotDiceClay 1937 days ago

I don't know dude. All the sharp and pointy stuff is in your mouth, but all the light's on your chin? Dr. Magoo?

jj313 1937 days ago

I love the Is it safe comment. Now spit!

dlpanther 1937 days ago

Hey! Take a picture of me getting my teeth cleaned!