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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

Posted for @amandapalmer's Caption Competition. Yes, those are geese...

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1996 days ago

Posted for 's Caption Competition. Yes, those are geese...


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lentower 1941 days ago

where's the husband when I REALLY need him!

lentower 1941 days ago

pico-second later: PHUIII artists tastes fowl

JenGon 1995 days ago

She's been goosed.

ravensward 1995 days ago

"There's a customer outside who just asked for the bill. Alright Jemima, give it to 'er!"

Berlybeth 1995 days ago

Wash opposed a ban on geese juggling. Marionettes didn't work & a quaint bit of culture just died.

gimli_jpc 1995 days ago

Amanda's finger was quickly digested and formed into disgusting wooden goose shit.

Ade_on_drums 1995 days ago

How we goosed ... and lived.

SweetMattyD 1995 days ago

While the goose operating 4 human puppets at once was impressive, he mouth skills needed work.

raliel 1995 days ago

The puppet army strikes back!

TrishaBabbitt 1995 days ago

"For the last time, the Geico gecko is just so much cooler! ...hey, what? Ouch! Oh, it's about to get ugly up in herrrre!"

TrishaBabbitt 1995 days ago

AP: "Sorry, goose, I have Progressive. Give it a rest." Goose: "Chomp!" AP: "@#%#@ goose! You're pate, biotch!"

BBLaBoss 1995 days ago

Cute, Victorian hobo, rabble-rouser: It's what's for dinner.

River_Vox 1995 days ago

Foie gras is made of PEOPLE!

poirotonflute 1995 days ago

One chomp of greeting revealed that, despite possessing painted brows, she was no puppet. Too tasty

karrenw 1996 days ago

is she is going to lay me a golden egg i wonted maybe not she just bit the hand that fed her ouch

bbofun 1996 days ago

The geese puppets turned out well. There was a small problem with the one, though..

KatieSpina 1996 days ago

At least she's a great first date. Fighting over the bill and everything!

pearlclutcherNW 1996 days ago

I wouldn't want one of those swimming up me arse!

Stacy_Mars 1996 days ago

How Mother Goose came into being...