Starbucks Coffee


Freshly brewed tweets from Paige, Archana and Madeline at Starbucks.

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2650 days ago


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justineroul 2577 days ago

want be heer

justineroul 2577 days ago

So great :D

JAVAJ9 2648 days ago

The pic is amazing, but I think the comments are even better!!! LOL
I think we can really relate to each other!

M_ISABEL93 2649 days ago

mmm ^^ how much i wish i was there haha jk

karishmasahai 2649 days ago

Lucky ppl..

Bballkate 2649 days ago

Wow!! I wish I was there...

simplycharlie 2650 days ago

So that's what heaven looks like! But you're missing one important ingredient there, pastries!!

lagolden79 2650 days ago

OMG! My mouth is watering!!!

Clive_Metcalfe 2650 days ago

Oops! Typo. I meant tasted...

Clive_Metcalfe 2650 days ago

The best and most consistent coffee I have ever tased. Starbucks never fails to please which ever continent I am on.

sissylm 2650 days ago

Got to do this last summer during a trip I won to the SSC. It was fantastic!

birmexdf 2650 days ago


Tatyjonas 2650 days ago

omg delicious

bklyn1984 2650 days ago

So how do I get a cool job like this! : )

stephencarlson 2650 days ago

It looks like the cups have ice in them. Do they test all of them cold?

CarlyKuppe 2650 days ago

Wow... This looks awesome... And I bet there will be some wired brains afterwards :-P

Tilly85 2650 days ago

Wow I am getting a rush just from the picture.

debrowning04 2650 days ago

WOW!!! Wish I could be there just to smell! How do I get a job doing this???

mmmarianna 2650 days ago

woooow i can actually smell it!!! hahaha it's like my drug v.v

Mossgrl8 2650 days ago

My dream job!