Kathy Griffin


Two-time Emmy award and Grammy award-winning comedian. Coming to a city near YOU! For ticket info and to purchase tickets, click on the link above.

Want a photo, just 4 shits n giggles? It's @GeorgeLopez &...

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1947 days ago

Want a photo, just 4 shits n giggles? It's &...


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Adexzec 1941 days ago

Maggie is so pretty. Eyes of an angel really.

Kevin_byDesign 1945 days ago

Red wine? Good to switch it up Maggie

BDDishere 1946 days ago

Why is he orange? Did the ompaloompas kick him out of their Mexican plant too??

Bigswing68 1946 days ago

It'll never last once he gets deported.

Charmedfan38 1947 days ago

How cute. :)

SonhosdeTequila 1947 days ago

Jose, tip it for her! ^^

MaleNuRse2b 1947 days ago

Tip It Kathleen/Maggie!

BigCadburyBunny 1947 days ago

Yeah... Come see me and then I'll believe you care.

Shianne_Graham 1947 days ago

daaamn , big ass head !.

mike2smith1953 1947 days ago

awesome! Hos come his head is so big? lol

Rzemog79 1947 days ago

TIP IT!!!!!!

dwn2earth 1947 days ago

LOVE Maggie! Tip it girl!

eobrien2013 1947 days ago


OneSideofCrazy 1947 days ago


TaylorMedrano 1947 days ago

Maggie and her "goddamn" box of wine :D

jillybird42 1947 days ago


harisa93 1947 days ago

she is too cute!!

IsraelAssis 1947 days ago

Is that wine from a box?? lol

TMNTrock 1947 days ago

Aww you're mom looks a celeb next to George Lopez