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lvtrchvs 1734 days ago

Oh yeaaah ! This fight is going to be great! I can't wait.

gittrod813 1734 days ago

both very good wrestlers but if the keep i standind evans got it but if it goes to the ground its tito all day

soldier4elohim 1734 days ago

Rashad is going to kill this man

SpinningElbow 1734 days ago

Neither man is a pussy IMO and I don't like either of them but Tito isn't as good as Rashad. R1 KO

scottyboy1075 1734 days ago

He's not bigger, he's standing on a milk create , that tito pusssy

scottyboy1075 1734 days ago

Rashad WILL knock him out in the 2nd round if not the 1st. Guarantee

scottyboy1075 1734 days ago

Tito is a pusssy!! Make him bleed & want to retire digs

sephvalarius 1734 days ago

nice cant wait for this fight!

Broncofan1977 1735 days ago

Height aint got sh*t to do with it. Rock his a$$ Evans!

TonyCoke540 1735 days ago

Evans is going to destroy

HoHdez 1735 days ago


sernilson 1735 days ago

o bicho vai pegar!

PAYTONKEMP 1735 days ago

TITO !!!!!!!! GOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Eddiebedz1 1735 days ago

Evans looks tiny compare to Ortiz.But Evans beaten bigger.

TMI_carlos 1735 days ago

definitely watching this tomorrow.

Eadgery 1735 days ago

Hard to believe the taller scarier looking guy in this picture is the underdog!

Newtwitjunki 1735 days ago


YUNGJAMES0923 1735 days ago

this is goin to be one of the best fights of the year

RodBlud 1735 days ago

Its gonna be sick!