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Proof! It's a total of 15 pages!

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1851 days ago

Proof! It's a total of 15 pages!


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allaykat 1786 days ago

need Mojang Address am slow can't seem to find it thought you would have it on one of these papers thanks

MC_Skyblock 1788 days ago

Now valve is gonna copyright portal and sue minecraft for that, brink is gonna sue everyone that has brick in it cause it looks like brick, i'm just saying: "Bethesda, what in the name of ******* are you doing?"

SamiElander 1804 days ago

Varför skriva 15 sidor om något som man skulle kunna skriva in i en enda mening.. T.ex. "Hej, sluta använd ett ord från det engelska språket till erat spel, folk kommer ju köpa erat spel istället för dom ser inte skillnaden på 'The Elder Scrolls' och 'Scr

KayakouHellsky 1813 days ago

Does this mean Perfect World is going to get sued by Koei for using the word Dynasty in a game name?

Mouzekiller83 1815 days ago

ok this is from bethesda...but why they talking about the mario bros from nintendo?O_o

bBuulu 1825 days ago

Dude are you kidding me? first of all Finnish looks like this: Saatanan älypää... Olisiko aika tutustua planeettaasi. And second of all that's Swedish... It's like saying french reminds chinese -.-'

Urist_McDwarf 1829 days ago

Ha ha ha tried to read it then realized it was in Finnish. *FacePalm*

Pepe578 1848 days ago

Bethesda does not own the word ``Scrolls´´

Jschip 1849 days ago

what does it mean?

jag648 1850 days ago

They need a 15 page letter to basically say im suing your arse?

WillCodeForSex 1850 days ago

ZeniMax Media worries the consumers can separate "Scrolls" from "The Elder scrolls". That's so silly.

pikacc1 1851 days ago

I'm gonna make game The Elder Trolls, it's gonna be about Bethesda legal department.

KygonsCube 1851 days ago

We use "The" in our game's title, so it's officially copyrighted.

iamjagman 1851 days ago

Cmon, just because The Elder Scrolls has Scrolls in it's name doesn't mean that there aren't other uses of the word Scrolls. Cmon Bethesda, stop bullsh*tting Notch and get on with making Skyrim

Club559 1851 days ago

"We use the word 'Scrolls' in our game, so it's copyrighted."

david_rf 1851 days ago

Now Konami will trademark "Metal" and Capcom will trademark "Fighter". LOL!

Zathol 1851 days ago

I like Bethesda Game Studios and all... but I have lost a bit of respect for them...
I mean, seriously guys?

cityeyes 1851 days ago

I rough translated this on Reddit, in case anyone was wondering what it said:

DRPR0CT0R 1851 days ago

is behind several award-winning games, including the world famous game series THE ELDER SCROLLS.
The brand THE ELDER SCROLLS is protected, among other various entertainment goods and services, including computer and video games.
Within the EU, is my compa

DRPR0CT0R 1851 days ago

I write to you as a representative of the company ZeniMax Media Inc.
My company creates and publishes interactive entertainment. Including: video game consoles, computers, and handheld / wireless devices.
The company has a long and successful history and