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Barrowman Plank again

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1820 days ago

Barrowman Plank again


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TheFaceofBoe080 1812 days ago

lol yur hillarious John! yur my Hero!

VirgilCox 1812 days ago

Somebody needs a superman suit =)

Lorling 1819 days ago

That's brilliant! :-))

hatorl 1820 days ago

Those jeans with that ass My God!

OhSkittledOne 1820 days ago

Either you have little feet or your trousers are too long!!!

Time_Hound 1820 days ago

Tom Welling move over - ..... ;) )

torchwood3hub 1820 days ago

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, No It's SuperBarrowman In Flight!

breezebeau 1820 days ago

thats a very impressive plank..nice stretching john !!

torchwoodjbfan 1820 days ago

superman comeing in to land!!!!!!!!!

JohnsEngel 1820 days ago

LoL!So crazy and sweet!My Hero!

sazy789 1820 days ago

my 2 brothers do this sort of thing the last place they did planking was on top of a climbing froam at the park near were i live they put a there profile picture on facebook lol

kuberater 1820 days ago

Oooo, Hardbody superguy.

twdwfan 1820 days ago


Now just to photoshop out the chair XD

Invergarick 1820 days ago

Planking Heck do you do that Superman...XXX

suewho61 1820 days ago

Your the Sexiest PLANKER EVER XX

suewho61 1820 days ago

Shows you BUM off perfectly !!!! XX

TheRealNicoleM 1820 days ago

'It's a bird! It's a plane! It's BarrowMan!' Cute! Love that color on you Btw! :) (and your lack of shoes!) ;)

jedikat71 1820 days ago

I always thought you'd be a brilliant Superman! xxxxxx

yetanotherpearl 1820 days ago


sexysuzie45 1820 days ago

mmm wanna bite that ass!