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1909 days ago

If you'll forgive the horizontalness (thanks, twitpic!), you'll note that Tweetdeck is totally unusable right now as the column flies by. And about 50% of folks don't seem to realize the prizes aren't real, but that's half the fun. EXPLANATORY LINKS: How to win a tiny, tiny laptop & better pics of our tiny, tiny Apple Store


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frau_bluecher 1909 days ago

but they are that they are not the square root of -1

TheOneBlueGecko 1909 days ago

It is great reading the replies from people that clearly think they could get the real thing.

sgroman5674 1909 days ago

oh I know that they are "fun-sized". Too bad they don't have the iCade this size

g0t_bliss 1909 days ago

I would love some fun sized technology, I myself am fun sized! :)

BoomBriggs 1909 days ago

It's refreshing at a ridiculous level. You should just pick me to win these tiny, awesome prizes.

evolet0680 1909 days ago

HA HA HA, LOL! That is fantastic!