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I apologise in advance.

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1733 days ago


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robbell 1732 days ago

I've had that one before! It's ocesco - from a book about a bloke who made weapons, called 'Ocesco' oddly enough :)

louise_stone 1733 days ago

I got the infinity symbol, yesterday...

chaostition 1733 days ago

Dude. That's nothing. I once had "about" upside down. These captchas are getting smarter. Too smart...

iainbmorton 1733 days ago

Dunno. You'd think someone would write a program to read that shit to save you having to type it in.

snugglor 1733 days ago

It looks like a backwards g to me o_O

IAmAdamJ 1733 days ago

Possibly the defunct letter yogh

C1ust3r 1733 days ago

ah ffs its clearly an o on top of a c Glinners

ArtLessOrdinary 1733 days ago

Venn diagram or a bit of DNA ?

FallenAngel2106 1733 days ago