Jimmie Johnson


Five-Time NASCAR Champ and driver of the #48 car

Parties over, Chad found Chad...

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1912 days ago

Parties over, Chad found Chad...


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KathleenLaNier 1911 days ago

which Chad will be in the pit box on Sunday?

aladybug11 1912 days ago

One real Chad and one 'hanging' Chad...too funny...

pwood48 1912 days ago

you guys are a hoot...too funny!!

star48 1912 days ago

Oh man, you found me! Hey by the way, you look tight in that green shirt man!

CharKuhtz 1912 days ago


gagirlcristy 1912 days ago

Oh please don't let big Chad take mini Chad away....the fun seemed like it was just starting!

gerhardt51 1912 days ago

Size doesn't matter
Well that's what I heard.

sunlvr248 1912 days ago

Cardboard Chad is speechless!!!

GScottHood 1912 days ago

this has brightened my day.

Prairie_Cajun 1912 days ago

Which one is the expert and which one stayed at the Holiday Inn Express? LOL!

gb1163 1912 days ago

Holiday Inn makes anyone an expert, even Mini Chad. Good job! Big Chad.

Spacie_Stacie 1912 days ago

I rather have #MiniChad to see what more chaos he can be. Anyway we can get the read one on here?

TroubleDVJ 1912 days ago

Can You Handle 2 Chads...LOL

jayc3169 1912 days ago

Best crew chief in NASCAR history! The on-the-fly changes you guys make.....! I hope to make it to a race one day

LeeAnnOkuly 1912 days ago

Love it!!!! are they at least getting along?