I remember when I was in line to enter the @justinbieber 's concert , i was nervous, could not eat or drink ") or when entering turn came, I went with a friend and get told: you can not run! but just ran, I was so happy, I could not stop thanking God for the opportunity you gave me, my dream had come true. I went to see him live, I thought I would die. We were waiting a long time to he left. I remember when they put the stopwatch. the minutes passed so slowly .. the antics did not seem to progress, I was nervous .. until it finally reached the counter is reset to 0 and we all cried a lot. My skin prickled my heart beat like never before, and my tears were about to leave. suddenly, the lights began to appear, the stage lit up a lot, and the smoke started coming out, and it was then heard: nooo uohhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooohh , OONO is JeyB and it all began. I was not real, that was just ahead. The ball rose higher and began to sound and LOVE ME. My God it was amazing ") that would only go back to that moment ... Jutsin, you got it, IM IN LOVE WITH YOU..