TUPAC is still alive ! proof

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1850 days ago

TUPAC is still alive ! proof


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OBEY_myBLU 1818 days ago

`; Whoa 0.o

Sara_a_a 1839 days ago

OMG i thought he was dead lmao WTF!!!

hellofanight 1839 days ago

DAAAAAAAAAAMN ! Where's Eazy-E ?

MeliiLovessYouu 1840 days ago

Haha wth

DimeSoHeartless 1840 days ago

lol..leave tupac alone let dude R.I.P smh

aggelos_nik 1841 days ago

he aint pac ! DONT LIE!!!

mbrizi 1846 days ago

yeah right

B_cups 1848 days ago

OH SHIT tupac back!

KayVsDaWorld 1849 days ago

yall going to hell with this tupac is alive shit

supremelise 1849 days ago

Proof? More like SPOOF lol

Itsaimeeeee 1849 days ago

people its a joke,chill!

sarahdamnoun 1849 days ago

doesn't even look like him if you were a real pac fan you could tell lol

TwatMasterFlexx 1849 days ago

Oh ssshit...6pac ???

lelethatchik 1849 days ago

This is soo fake , dude they copied and paste Pac's face on some other dudes body. You can even tell

Sagar_SRKfever 1849 days ago

gotta love Pac he kept it real since day 1!

akintinoyea 1850 days ago

it should be a face off

KristenEvee 1850 days ago

That Aint My Niqqaa . Let Him R.I.P <3 ...its weird tho because people keep saying it & bringing up proof but i still cant believe it for some reason .

h0pycan 1850 days ago

2pac, lo amo

__NaeKidd 1850 days ago

That could be this dude that look like him. Search Damario Brown on youtube.

jackieeowens 1850 days ago

Aww, it looks just like him. <3
And you have a pretty smile. :)