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Five-Time NASCAR Champ and driver of the #48 car

And here is your car @keselowski... Glad you're alright man, you had us all worried.

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1823 days ago

And here is your car ... Glad you're alright man, you had us all worried.


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JasonGoldsack 1820 days ago


sod_buster 1820 days ago

Qustion, if this were the previous car, would the results had been different??

Thorn407 1822 days ago

Holly shit brad. Glad you're ok.

star48 1822 days ago

Wow! Looks like he hit a couple of dudes wearing red. Seriously, glad he's ok!

VictorDiazFTW 1823 days ago

Wow, hope he wasn't drikin some Miller Lite

SirJokaPlaya 1823 days ago

Rolex 24 for example, the rolex race in road america earlier, monaco f1, and now this. insane.....................

SirJokaPlaya 1823 days ago

wow. there was no video of the crash? this year, on road courses, there's been some bad wrecks

s_mobley 1823 days ago


Kristine526 1823 days ago

Glad you're okay

lowes48fan1 1823 days ago


KimRodgers1990 1823 days ago

it looks like there are 2 people sticking out by the wheels

BKfan_1 1823 days ago

OH MY LORD THAT IS SICK. Really glad to know u r OK.

Lrb12c 1823 days ago

Krashlowski does it again...

dalejrfangirl 1823 days ago

yikes glad brads aight

scienceesl 1823 days ago

Ok that right there makes my heart thump really really fast! So scary

Nascar24Maniac 1823 days ago

Holy shot. The front of his car is missing! Glad hes alright.

Kelve 1823 days ago

Wow. Glad that you are ok Brad, be grateful for the safety standards, THAT CAR IS TORN UP !!

plvilt 1823 days ago


48GOAT 1823 days ago

Jeff Spicoli: "My old man is a television repairman, he's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it."

Franco52 1823 days ago

Damn!! Thats is bad...Can't blame Carl